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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

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Fun and fitness for the whole family!

Turn your family time into a workout that everyone will enjoy.

It can be difficult to find activities that your entire family will enjoy, especially if your kids aren’t close to the same age. Family martial arts classes are designed to be suitable for all ages and abilities.


Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Are you dealing with

Any of these troubles?

You’re struggling to find something to do with your kids that appeals to you, too.

Your kids spend too much time inside and not enough outside getting exercise.

You worry that your kids lack self-esteem and want to improve your self-esteem, too.

A lot of parents struggle to find family-friendly activities to do with their children.

Try something new with your family!

They also worry that their kids don’t understand the importance of exercise and wonder if that’s because as parents, they don’t make time to work out in their own lives.

There aren’t many workouts that can be shared by adults and children. Cheering from the sidelines isn’t the same as doing something together.

Results and growth with every class!

Family martial arts classes offer families a way to spend quality time together and get their exercise, too. Everyone in the family learns at an appropriate level, but you’ll be learning the same basic skills. That means you can cheer one another on while also burning calories, relieving stress, and learning valuable lessons that apply to all areas of life.

Make Exercise a Family Priority

When you have a busy life that includes children, it can be hard to make time in your schedule for working out. Yet, as a parent, you know that the example you set is something that will influence your kids throughout their lives.

Family martial arts classes offer you the opportunity to kill two birds with stone. By attending classes with your kids, you’ll be showing them that you value fitness and exercise.

At the same time, you’ll be giving your kids a chance to let loose and have some fun. They won’t even be thinking about the fact that they’re exercising – and before you know it, exercise will be a habit for them and you.

Age-Appropriate Fun for Kids and Adults Alike

If your kids are even a few years apart in age, it can be impossible to find something they all want to do. Even choosing a movie or television show to watch requires boatloads of patience and diplomacy. Yet, family time is important.

One of the biggest benefits of studying the martial arts as a family is that it’s fun for everybody, kids and adults alike. Kicking, punching, and breaking boards are enjoyable activities at any age.

You might think of martial arts as an individual pursuit, but families who take classes together cheer each other on. The memories you build in class will last a lifetime!

Learning Discipline and Self-Control Can Help the Whole Family

Sometimes, getting your kids to play together can be a battle. The constant bickering is enough to wear any parent down.

At the same time, you may struggle with discipline and self-control in your life too. Studying the martial arts is great for your body, but it’s also good for your brain. As you work out, you and your kids will learn the five tenets of martial arts: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit.

While you might learn about perseverance and self-control on the mat, the lessons don’t end there. Your kids will bring what they learn to school with them, you’ll bring it to work, and the entire family will bring it home.

Kids and Parents Improve Their Self-Esteem

Self-esteem plays an important role in how we move through life. A child who has good self-esteem is likely to perform well in school, to form healthy relationships, and to be successful in life.

Of course, a parent’s self-esteem has a direct impact on their kids. One of the most important benefits of studying the martial arts is that it teaches people of all ages to rely on themselves and their abilities.

The whole family can benefit from learning about self-reliance and confidence. Once you know your own worth – and your kids know theirs – the whole family will have a newfound positivity that will strengthen your relationships.


Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!


Will taking martial arts with me teach my kids that it’s okay to hit me at home?

No. In our classes, we emphasize courtesy and self-control. Kids learn that kicking and punching are appropriate in class, but we also make sure that they know that physical violence is not the right choice for conflict resolution.

I’m not in great shape. Can I still take martial arts classes with my family?

Yes! Our classes are perfect for people who haven’t been working out as well as people who have. We hire instructors who can work with you to help you build the exercise habit for your entire family regardless of what your current fitness level is.

Can studying the martial arts help my kids learn to defend themselves?

Absolutely. In fact, martial arts moves are ideal for self-defense because they teach kids (and adults) to leverage their opponent’s body weight to defend themselves.

Can studying martial arts as a family help my kids get along better?

Yes. Families who take martial arts classes together get a chance to spend quality time as a family unit. They learn to respect one another’s abilities, persevere when things don’t go their way, and value their family members.

Are family martial arts classes appropriate for kids or parents with physical disabilities?

Yes. Our instructors can modify their instruction to suit students of every ability level. If you have concerns about a specific disability or challenge, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help out.

More Benefits

Family martial arts classes are a great way for parents and kids to manage stress and anxiety.

Martial arts moves can help anybody learn how to defend themselves if the need arises.

Studying the martial arts can improve your physical coordination – something that’s especially important for young children.

Kids who study the martial arts are less likely to be involved in bullying than kids who don’t.



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