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BMS WooShoo

Welcome to BMS WooShoo, where we're helping men, women, and children learn high-quality martial arts skills and take on well-rounded development in the process. Our programmes are designed to offer the best blend of fitness and self-defence skills. PLUS, we're helping young students build confidence and tools for all aspects of life. We are proud to train people of all experience levels and abilities. We surround everyone with an incredible support system and work hard to help you thrive! Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started today!

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Absolutely fantastic place. Staff are fab, really wonderful with kids. My 5 year old wasn't sure when she first started going but soon began to love it. Such a great concept for teaching young kids discipline and defence in a warm and fun environment.

Kids Martial Arts Wandsworth

S Hill

My son has been attending classes at BMS WooShoo for almost two years now and is one belt away from being a black belt. When he started I was exasperated as he didn’t seem to be able to focus and his school were also worried about his inability to focus too. He is now transformed and I can’t thank BMS WooShoo enough as they have given both my son and I so much support with perseverance and it’s paid off for sure. He’s just had an outstanding report from school and he’s really come on leaps and bounds with his focus in class. Thankyou!

Kids Martial Arts Wandsworth

Clare Groves

Had a 7th birthday party for my son, run by the team at BMS WooShoo. Studio was cool despite it being the hottest day of the year so far. They were great at engaging the children and my son was beyond excited about ‘board breaking’ in front of his friends and cutting his cake with a ‘samarai sword’. Booking and paying for the party all very smooth too. Thank you!!

Kids Martial Arts Wandsworth

Catherine Rothon

My four year old daughter has been attending for several months now. It is helping her become more confident and disciplined. She enjoys every minute of it. The instructors are considerate and approachable. Would most definately recommend to all.

Kids Martial Arts Wandsworth

Real Illusionz

I am so glad I found this place. My son loves his lessons, enjoys the games and is learning discipline along with the physical aspects of Kung fu. The teachers are amazing with the children and they all seem like they are having great fun along with gaining valuable experience.


I would highly recommend.

Kids Martial Arts Wandsworth

Emma Paxton

Attentive, friendly teachers with just the right amount of discipline. My four year old twin boys really enjoy it while helping to develop their balance, strength and movement.

Kids Martial Arts Wandsworth

L Bouchier

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