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Ricky Wilkhu
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My child had no confidence and kept getting bullied at school. People kept calling him a Wuico, which must be new slang! In short, the instructors were great and friendly and my child's confidence is up! Thanks for the great work Sifu Brar!

Kate McVeigh
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My 4-year-old has been coming here for about six months. He loves his 'jedi' training and couldn't be happier. The staff are firm but fair and teach manners and kindness as well as discipline and the actual Kung Fu moves. Recommend to anyone with a lively child looking for an activity.

Clare Groves
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My son has been attending classes at BMS WooShoo for almost two years now and is one belt away from being a black belt. When he started I was exasperated as he didn’t seem to be able to focus and his school was also worried about his inability to focus too. He is now transformed and I can’t thank BMS WooShoo enough as they have given both my son and I so much support with perseverance and it’s paid off for sure. He’s just had an outstanding report from school and he’s really come on leaps and bounds with his focus in class. Thank you!

Virginia V
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My son has been a student at BMS Wooshoo for a year now and I must say that the standards of teaching at this school are way above average. Very professional instruction with amazing results on the children. These lessons involve much more than the teaching of physical skills. They are about self-control, self-confidence, self-defence and respect. Highly recommended!

Haeba Khan
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BMS Wooshoo has played a big role in my son's confidence. He has become more resilient too. He has grown so much in this 1 year. Thank You from the heart. I remember how worried I was when I came to see Miss Kata the very first time. And now I leave with a smile and pride at every lesson. Thank You

S Hill
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Absolutely fantastic place. Staff are fab, really wonderful with kids. My 8 year old wasn't sure when she first started attending as a 5 year old, but very quickly came to love it. Such a great concept for teaching young kids discipline and defence in a warm and fun environment. Teachers are kind and nurturing and I have seen my daughter's confidence, disciple and skills improve immensely.

Cath Rothon
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Had a 7th birthday party for my son, run by the team at BMS WooShoo. Studio was cool despite it being the hottest day of the year so far. They were great at engaging the children and my son was beyond excited about ‘board breaking’ in front of his friends and cutting his cake with a ‘samarai sword’. Booking and paying for the party all very smooth too. Thank you!!

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